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Date added: 03/01/2013 Company Changes

"Toby Corp. of America" is now simply "Toby Speakers"

Short Version: Toby is now retired. I (True Taylor) after having been able to work with/for him for over 9 years have now purchased the business. Since Toby and Blocker Ind (next door neighbors sharing the building) jointly owned the property on Montgomery, it has now been sold off and was too rich for my blood. I have since relocated everything to our new address in Haltom City, and am in the process of restarting production and setting the whole thing back up. 

Toby is not as bad off as he was when he actually went home (in Late June) after a medication change he's in much better spirits. I look forward to continuing his legacy of creating legendary speaker systems and supporting them with every bit of my ability. He was a great person to work with, and a genius in the industry. 

Looking toward the future, expect to see a lot more about little 'ol Toby Speakers. We are currently looking into increasing the accuracy /quality of production as well as volume with some new tools soon (think computer controlled!). We will still hand build everything we possibly can, and produce increasingly high quality enclosures and systems. I am proud to be a part of such a great movement... Toward the ultimate goal of making peoples audio experiences more enjoyable. We are fully moved IN to the new location, and open to the public for general sales, but we ARE still setting up various tools/equip/demos as we just started the setup mid November. 

Home theater demo is fully functional
Hi-fi demo is set up 
Car subwoofer demo is functional
We can demo some car subwoofers in car for a better representation of results 
We are also happy to (if there is already an amp installed) let customers "Try before they buy" in their own car

I appreciate the continued support of all our old customers. Even though we are now a completely new entity, I am proud to do everything I can to support our old product and still accept trade-in's of basically any old Toby system on new product. Please contact me if you have any problems with older setups. Thanks!


True Taylor - Owner of Toby Speakers




09/23/2014, 03:19 PM

"I was talking with a friend a while back about great audo and Tobt's name came up- low and behold I now read he is retired. I lived around the corner, literally, from the old shop and enjoyed going in sampling the new products, even bringing some of my own speaker projects and learning a lot from audio from Toby himself.
I will miss Toby and the old store a lot- he was "our" local genius and still is.
Good luck with the new store! I will try to drop by and re-introduce myself.
DC Audio Labs "


08/31/2014, 11:58 AM

"My brother and I have always bought Toby Speakers for our cars. I currently have the 10" low sheriff in my 2012 camaro ss. Runnung an alpine m50 and it's LOUD. Very clean & clear. And I still have enough room in my trunk to get groceries! I'm a supporter for life"


08/21/2013, 07:54 PM

"Well, I visited the store in Ft Worth anytime I was in town. I lived in Ft Worth all my life until joining the Air Force. Well, ANYTIME I was able to go buy, I DID. I lived speaking to TOBY and my Toby's are like a family member. My wife laughs as me, TOO BAD. She does not understand. Last week I the movers delivered my household goods to my new house, first thing I did when I saw my speakers, was HUG them and put them in a very special place. They are 15+ years and 6 moves old and still crankin. Yes, I had to repair them, but worldwide moves have their downsides. take Care Toby. "

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