Bandpass Enclosures

You may have heard that bandpass enclosures are "peaky" or that they can only cover a small range of bass... This is, in fact, entirely possible, when referring to an improperly designed system.

Each of our Toby Bandpass enclosures are designed and optimized to play the full bass range in your vehicle. Each enclosure has an attached response graph that shows what range it will play. This test, however is done in our test room, NOT in car. We know from experience that as a general rule, you gain about 12db per octave below 80hz. What this means is that even our smallest enclosure (the Single 10" Sheriff) produces as much sound pressure at 20hz as it does at 100 hz. All notes are present, all notes are the same volume... This leads to a very accurate listening experience. Graphs adjusted for in-car response will be added soon.




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